About Smith Planning Group

Founded in 1989, Smith Planning Group (formerly Smith & Associates) is a civil engineering, land planning, and landscape architecture firm with offices located just outside Athens, Georgia.  The goal of our firm is to facilitate the creation of spaces with lasting value for the communities that they serve.  Smith Planning Group accomplishes these goals by designing spaces that complement its unique environment while being ecologically and historically respectful, environmentally sustainable and economically prosperous.  

Smith Planning Group welcomes work opportunities that offer complex and creative challenges, that deliver valuable, long-term benefits for a wide range of community interests, combine and foster a local sense of place, and improve the relationship between people and their environment. 

Smith Planning Group’s professional team spans four key disciplines: master planning, civil engineering, architectural design and landscape architecture.  These professionals work within specialized practice groups with expertise including park, trail, recreation, urban planning, park programming and public meeting facilitation. Our technical staff specializes in project management, permitting, construction documentation, specification writing, bid facilitation, and construction oversight.  The diversity of our practice helps us clearly define issues and identify practical courses of action.  We believe that plan making is a collaborative effort involving a diversity of stakeholders, and are committed to active participation in the planning process. Smith Planning Group has extensive experience working with municipalities and government institutions. We have a proven track record in timely project permitting as well as coordination with municipal officials and departments.

Guiding our firm and clients to success while
always improving and moving forward.

Company Stability & Experience

For over 25 years, Smith Planning Group has had the privilege of working with a diverse and distinguished collection of clients in both public and private sectors. Smith Planning Group has provided services to multiple universities and colleges, municipalities, non-profit groups and institutions as well as corporate franchises and private developers.



Charles R. (Bob) Smith, RLA, ASLA
Founder, Managing Principal
Telephone: (706) 769 9515
Email: bob (at) smithplanninggroup.com 

Bob Smith is a Registered Landscape Architect and owner of Smith Planning Group. Bob draws upon his 25 years of experience in planning and design to create spaces of lasting value to the client. As an expert in site design, land planning and development, Bob prepares plans that are environmentally sensitive, ecologically sustainable and economically successful. As founder and managing principal, Bob is responsible for a wide range of domestic and international projects that include town planning, urban design projects, infill developments, mixed-use developments, recreational developments, campus planning, and landscape development. He uses this experience during the community design process to help develop consensus and public approvals in often complex situations.


Ed Lane, P.E. , M. ASCE
Telephone: (706) 769 9515
Email: ed (at) smithplanninggroup.com

Ed Lane has worked in various engineering roles which have enabled him to develop extensive and diversified knowledge of principles and practices in broad areas of assignments and in related fields.  Ed has over a decade of experience in the design and management of civil engineering projects.  He has developed expertise in environmental engineering and garnered noted experience in working with municipalities and governmental agencies to design and implement viable engineering solutions.  He has strong management and communications skills that have enabled him to serve as civil engineering project manager on large and complex projects.

Licensed: GA, SC, AL, FL




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