New Projects

As many municipalities and local governments begin to implement impervious area coverage fees or stormwater utility fees, it may be financially advantageous for developers to consider methods to reduce the ongoing costs associated with impervious area and water quality treatment.

Certain projects, particularly those in urban areas with high land values, should consider various alternatives to reducing the project's stormwater impact, in order to take advantage of long term expenses associated with water quality treatment.

Smith Planning Group can help you evaluate various methods that will provide your project with a return on investment that meets your needs.
For new projects, there are several practical ways to reduce impervious area, decrease fees and establish desirable green infrastructure:

Pervious Pavers


Green Roofs

Rain Gardens

Existing Projects

For existing projects, there may be retrofitting opportunities to help reduce stormwater utility fees. Smith Planning Group can provide an inspection and analysis of your current site. Below are services we can provide to help you decide whether you could be saving money.

Site Visit Assessment of Stormwater Treatment SERVICES:

  • Perform site visit and inspection of stormwater management facilities and BMP on property.

  • Review current stormwater/impervious area utility fee being paid

  • Estimate potential savings available

  • Estimate improvements, maintenance of existing infrastructure if necessary

  • Provide a projected return on investment

Value Engineering for Green Infrastructure Services:

  • Obtain existing records, reports, surveys, plans of existing facilities

  • Obtain County applications/forms

  • Review hydrology study, existing ponds and treatment measures to access credit availability

  • Provide preliminary engineering assessment of improvements and modifications if necessary and consult with client

  • Coordinate with County/City to review proposed changes and obtain credits

  • Coordinate sub-contractors to implement improvements