We provide a fresh approach to our land planning and development services in Athens, GA. We bring together our integrated expertise to create truly special projects. Our work is collaborative, involving a diverse group of stakeholders and we are committed to active participation in the planning process. Our land planning and development services include master planning, land acquisition consulting, project launches, and more.

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Master Planning

During our land planning services, we make sure that you are prepared for the future. We offer master planning services including site design, rezoning, and site feasibility analysis. We also specialize in development consulting and programming. As your community continues to grow, it is important that you have a plan in place. As more and more businesses, schools, and homes continue to come in, it can become a headache to decide where everyone can build. Our master plans include suggestions on where you should zone business districts, transportation, schools, housing, and more. We facilitate community engagement for projects through design charettes and outreach.


Land Acquisition Consulting

Our land planning and development services in Athens, GA, include land acquisition consulting. Whether you are developing a new wind power site, building a park, or need a new corporate headquarters for your growing business, you need the right piece of land. Our experienced team of consultants knows what to look for depending on your specific needs. We also communicate with lawyers, current landowners, and other specialists to make sure we take care of all the legal work as well.


Visual Identity & Project Launch

Our design team is here to create presentation materials to accompany the launch of your project. This can include logo design, web design, and 3D renderings. We also offer signage and wayfinding design solutions for seamless navigation. Our custom pattern books can help solidify your vision and help your project be cohesive for years to come.

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