As the premier landscape architects in Athens, GA, we create places that promote connectivity to help businesses and neighborhoods thrive. We start by learning about what your goals are for your space. Then our landscape designers will come up with concepts based on the space and their knowledge of the area. Our main goal for every project is to create a beautiful, inspiring, and welcoming spaces that everyone in the community can enjoy for years to come. As experienced landscape architects, we know what types of plants and hardscape features will work best in your environment.

Our extensive site analysis process allows us to generate creative and sustainable design solutions. Our landscape architects want to encompass the natural beauty of Georgia. We do this by implementing native plants and natural hardscaping materials into our work. Due to the humid climate in Georgia, we have a large selection of native plants to choose from. This allows for a variety of design aesthetics, from traditional to contemporary. We excel at top level project management and multi-stakeholder engagement. We push our team to design for better connectivity to maximize the value of public projects and create unique spaces for the community.



Landscape Architecture

Our landscape architects in Athens, GA, pursue excellence in urban design, park design, campus design, and streetscape design. We specialize in historic preservation to uphold the timeless charm of Georgia. We focus on our four main goals of community enrichment, environmental sustainability, client collaboration, and creativity to give you, your neighbors, and fellow community members beautiful spaces to share.

We also offer services in project management and construction management. If you are interested in landscape design for a private residence, please visit our residential studio.




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